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  3. From my shoot with photographer Bradford Rogne.

    From my shoot with photographer Bradford Rogne.

  4. Unedited shots from my shoot with photographer, Bradford Rogne.

    Unedited shots from my shoot with photographer, Bradford Rogne.

  5. When you’ve completely run out of protein powder… #fitness #fitlife #gym #swoldiernation #makinggains #igfit

    When you’ve completely run out of protein powder… #fitness #fitlife #gym #swoldiernation #makinggains #igfit

  6. Fuck around Friday at the gym with windshield wipers. #abs #core #calisthenics #fitness #workout

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  9. Anonymous said: How can you make a living as an asian actor ?

    I have a lot of answers to this question so I’ll try to be concise.

    Firstly I have a day job as a personal trainer that I love and doesn’t feel like a survival job. As an actor, I’ve booked a few commercial gigs out here in LA and that has provided me with an income to live on (for now). We’re living in a time where demand for ethnic talent is on rapid rise. That bodes well for someone like me. A couple of friends of mine, both Caucasian, female, and blonde have jokingly said to me how much it sucks to be white, blonde chicks - reason being that they lost in the crowd much more easily. Now of course, white actors have always and for now, continue to be frontrunners to be cast in the major roles in the industry but even that is starting to change. Just look at ABC’s Thursday night line up.

    The scope of the industry is taking a different form that is more inviting and provides more opportunity to actors of color because casting directors, networks, and showrunners are realizing and able to execute the vision that the world is made of people of many colors, types, etc.

    It’s up to the individual actor to build and refine their craft as an artist and know what they contribute to the industry to put themselves in the best position possible to succeed in an industry that can be harsh, unfair, dehumanizing and desperate for modernization. However when that actor, especially one of color does find success, that same industry is now hopeful, pioneering, progressive.

    When I first got this question I thought I was getting trolled. In which case my short answer would have been to find a survival job if need be, work hard, audition, learn, occasionally book things. You know, like an actor of any other ethnicity. Then I realized that that boiler plate recipe is what gets all kinds of actors lost in the shuffle by the masses.

    How does an Asian actor or an actor of any race make a living? By setting themselves apart and ahead of the pack.